How to add a room with a conference to your site using iFrame#

You can broadcast a conference in your room at another website. To do this just add an iFrame element with specified attributes to the HTML code of your webpage.

Note. Using HTTPS should be configured in your website settings.

Example of iFrame code:

<!DOCTYPE html>
  <meta charset="utf-8" />
  <title>Some title</title>
  <p>This is the iFrame block with broadcast</p>
    allow="camera;microphone;fullscreen;accelerometer;autoplay;clipboard-write;encrypted-media;display-capture;gyroscope;picture-in-picture;" allowusermedia>

The iFrame element has the following attributes:

  • src - the URL with room id or alias (see. Creating a room) to access the room. The URL can have some parameters going after the “?” symbol. These are participantName and refreshToken of a user for silent authorization.

  • id - deprecated attribute for iFrame element, left for compatibility with earlier browser versions, the value can be any one.

  • frameborder - border width around the frame (left it 0).

  • width/height - width and height of a frame to display it on a webpage.

  • allow - allowed functions and permissions for the room listed by “;”. For example, the following permissions can turned on/off:

    • camera - using camera is allowed;

    • microphone - using microphone is allowed;

    • fullscreen - full screen mode is allowed;

    • accelerometer - using accelerometer is enabled (for mobile devices);

    • autoplay - autoplay is enabled;

    • clipboard-write - using clipboard to copy data is allowed;

    • encrypted-media - using Encrypted Media Extension API is enabled, that allows to manage media content playing on a webpage;

    • display-capture - capturing the screen during the broadcast is allowed;

    • gyroscope - using gyroscope is enabled;

    • picture-in-picture - picture-in-picture mode is allowed;

    • allowusermedia - a special permission for users to use their camera and microphone.

Adding a none keyword after allow for any permission means turning off this function. For example, allow = camera `none` means that using a camera is not allowed.